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Our Past

Started in 2017 our vision was, and still is, to serve up quality food on the street at larger gatherings and festivals. Our focus back then was solely food inspired by the lovely country of the Phillipines. The concept of bringing food culture from another country to sweden, and seeing the attention it got from locals and the news, was the thing that propelled us into continuing with the Philippino inspired cuisine. Following the succes of 2017 we invested in the expansion of the Jeepney brand by acquiring new trucks, expanding our menu, and of course stepping up the quality of our food, since we always strive for serving up some of the best street food. The different festivals we have attended as well as the different kind of dishes served up is always viewable at the homepage, so you can see how we operate and try to improve.


Our Future

2019 is in the horizon and we at Jeepney are aiming for another succesfull year with the expansion and outsourcing we have done. The Jeepney franchise is now accessible for the private foodtrucker. Together with our present trucks we will try to expand the brand that is Jeepney to a whole new level, so that it is not only just Philippino food we are known for and associated with. This website is created so that our future collaborators will have the possibility to contact us regarding a franchise collaboration. Together with this we will try to expand our assortment, so that we can provide food and joy to a larger amount of customers. If you have any good ideas or inputs to how we can improve both assortment- and customer-wise or is interested in a following collaboration feel free to contact us by email, phone or simply fill out the contact for at the bottom of the website.